Welcome to the Park of the Bubbles

Imagine to find yourselves in the first park exclusively dedicated to the bubbles of the classic method sparkling wine. Now, picture yourselves while walking on Yeasts Road and staring at the vineyards of the ancient Nero Buono and Bellone grape varieties. You have just reached the elegant house of classic method sparkling wine, where you can move freely as a sparkling wine bubble.

Visualise then a villa, little squares, alleys, and small amphitheatres in a special protection area where grains, Mediterranean flora and vineyards shape a unique place, in the middle between desire and reality. 

In this park of bubbles the KIUS sparkling wine is made in the three versions of brut, extra brut and pas dosé.

In between the natural parks of Torrecchia and Ninfa

San Pietro estate has always been known by this name by the local farmers. It is connected by the Francigena Route to the Ninfa Garden and the Torrecchia Vecchia Park, both natural reserves of extreme beauty. Equally, San Pietro estate is a quiet and magnificent countryside villa between Cori and the ancient Tres Tabernae where it is possible to attend selected events or try Carpineti Experience, or simply enjoy the silence of the archaic horizon of Lepini Mountains. 

According to the elders of the local community, San Pietro estate is located near the mythic Tiberius’ Villa, a quiet retreat from ancient Rome. In reality, it is not clear whether this Villa ever existed or not, but at the end, if you do not ever step in our classic method sparkling wine park, it does not exist, too. It is only your imagination while you swirl your glass and you stare at the bubbles of our KIUS classic method sparkling wine.

A special protection area

San Pietro estate is a special protection area with an ideal microclimate, mild temperature, rich in water and in trees that shield this treasure. Its air, water, temperature conditions and the richness of the soil enhanced by organic and biodynamic farming are at the basis of the secret of the natural bubbles of the KIUS classic method sparkling wine.

The wines of San Pietro estate

In this environmental casket, KIUS classic method sparkling wine is born, whose bubbles caress with kindness and taste the best sunsets.

Tel & Fax: +39 06 967 9860

Marco Carpineti Agricola Biologica – S.P. Velletri-Anzio, 3 – 04010 Cori – Italia – P.IVA: 01566070593

Tel & Fax: +39 06 967 9860

Marco Carpineti Agricola Biologica – S.P. Velletri-Anzio, 3 – 04010 Cori – Italia – P.IVA: 01566070593